Friday, August 1, 2008

A Women of Faith

A Woman of Faith

My mom is the best. I love her so much. She is my best friend. She is the one that was there for me when I was sick. Just being in her bed and having her take care of made all of my cares seem to go away. She was also there when I was happy. She is one of the first persons I want to tell my news to. I’d tell her because I know she cared and wanted the best for me. The Lord even knew that my parents wanted the best for me. In my patriarchal blessing it says that I must remember that my father and mother love me and would give their all for me and that they will lead me in righteous. I can follow their examples and trust in them. She showed that to me everyday, through her listening to me and praying for me. My mom would tell that everyday she would pray that I would find a righteous man to marry. I know it was through her faith and prayers that I was able to meet my husband Ben. My mom calls him my salmon and not a little minnow. Which I am grateful. My mother is a very giving person. She always puts others before herself. She is a faithful visiting teacher and a true friend to all who get to know her. The Lord has not only blessed her to be a great mother, but she is also blessed to be a great teacher and leader. For many years she has taught children of all ages. I remember one day I snuck into her classroom and she was teaching. Those children were spellbound with her teaching style. I remember thinking that I wish I could be a teacher like her. But I think one of the greatest memories of my mother is her stories. I remember as a little girl her telling me stories of her life. Times when she lived on the farm, or when she got into it with her brother, or when she dressed up as a bum in the streets of Holden. I loved them and I never wanted them to end. Now when she tells stories to her grandchildren I still listen and remember.
My Mother is a woman of faith. Her personal life has not been easy. My mother grew up on a farm and she had to be tough. And even took the courage to leave her small town and enter college to receive her bachelor degree. But her education did not stop there she also received her masters and doctorial degrees. She did most of her schooling while still raising her six children. But her education did not stop there either. She also received a degree in massage therapy. In which over 10 years she helped people young and old feel better and improve their health. Many of her achievement have taken hard work and commitment. My mom never gives up. When my mother was diagnose with cancer in 1995. She had perfect faith and commitment. She did whatever it took to fight and win. Even in the mist of cancer she never stopped caring about others. She was most concern about how her children and husband were doing then her own pain. I remember watching many Matlock televisions shows her and see her fight to be able to see her first granddaughter Cassidy. My mom is a very brave person. She has lived a life of sacrifice and love. Everybody loves Mom! I know I do. She is my best friend and I hope she knows that she has made a difference in many people’s lives. She has touch people in a very powerful way. I love it when people say that I remind them of my mother. Because she is the person I want to be like and try to strive to become. I love you mom! Thanks!

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