Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am...

i am...
i am: a mother
i think: we need a new president
i know: how to give a talk
i want: new clothes and makeup
i have: short hair
i dislike: Bad smells
i miss: Ben when he is at school
i fear: my online class
i feel: tired
i hear: Jungle book
i smell: Kennedy shampoo
i crave: meat
i usually: sleep in
i search: for baby names
i wonder: where we will buy our first house
i regret: not going to college right after high school
i love: ice cream
i care: about Kennedy health and safety
i always: go to bed before Ben
i worry: about school
i am not: a good speller
i remember: the day Kennedy was born
i have: too many clothes
i dance: after the movie Shriek
i don’t always: shave
i argue: about who needs to clean up Kennedy when she is sticky
i write: for online classes
i win: at most board games
i lose: my backpack
i wish: I was done with school
i listen: to the word mommy all day long
i don't understand: math
i can usually be found: at home
i am scared: of natural disaster
i need: new clothes
i forget: about assignments
i am happy: I am eating a good meal and I am really hungry

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