Monday, August 18, 2008

Diapers and birds

We just got back from Provo to visit our families. It was nice because my mother in law also gave her homecoming talk. She came home from her mission to Germany. It was nice to hear about her experiences and to see the family again. At Ben's sisters house they have a talking bird that Kennedy was very interested in. As she was looking at the bird it jump towards her nose and almost bit it. She was a bit surprised. She loved the cats and keep bugging it and she won't stop even when it paw at her. She is just fearless when it comes to animals. She got to collect a egg from the chicken at the same house. She had a blast with all of the animals.

She is getting better at potty training and seems interested in it again. She only wants her diapers and won't wear any that are not her brand. Funny little girl.

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