Thursday, August 14, 2008

In my underwear

Things are going really good for the Hewett's. We are about to head off to Utah to see family and hear Ben's mom give her homecoming speech. She returned from here mission to Germany. It has been a few months since we have seen the family. SO I am pretty excited. Ben is excited to go because he is picking up some scooters. We had a fun trip to Casper last weekend. I had quite adventurous time there. After Ben left for work I forgot to latch the door again and Kennedy got out and ran down the hall. I was only in a short t shirt and no pants. When I heard the door slam and I had no key. So I had to walk down the hall in my underwear to get a new key. I was so embarrassed. I was not happy at Kennedy for getting out and she only did it once. But Kennedy and I had fun shopping seeing old friends and watching cable TV.

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Jen said...

Oh my heck Janice...that is hilarious!!! How embarrassing! Oh man, I can't stop laughing.