Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wentworth Miller

The tatoos for the show prison break is a 4 hour make up prcess.
Ever since the show prison break was on air. I have had a crush on Wentworth Miller. I have even thought about naming our son after him. During the holidays he was on an ad for Gap and I would walk by just to see the pictures of him. I think I like him because he has this bad boy image which I think every girl has a crush on. Ben knows about my crush and think he is a good actor.

Date of BirthBirth Name Wentworth Earl Miller III
Nickname Stinky Went Miller
Height 6'

Born in England, raised in Brooklyn, New York, and a graduate of Princeton University, Drama in 2006.

His tattoos for the show Prison Break are a 4 hour make-up process.

I love Wentworth!!!

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