Wednesday, March 12, 2008

march update


We are doing well here in Wyoming. We are getting a little bit of warmer weather. Of course it is always windy. Kennedy is doing well at her day care and seems to be quite a little trooper. We are really proud of her. Kennedy is in the stage where she does not want to wear diapers or clothes. When she goes potty she wants to be completely naked. Not even socks. It is cute! Her favorite thing to do is run around naked. She also learned to march and hop. She is a funny little girl. When I show her clothes she will run the other way or bat it down. She is enjoying wearing summer dresses in the winter. Ben is planning on doing work study at the university for his professor. I guess he is the whiz kid at school. Janice got a new scooter. I love it. It is a Honda spree. It is the smallest scooter ever. Only 80 lbs. Ben and I are repainting it and working out the bugs (no ball barrings) Ben is enjoying this project and it gives him a break from school work. I Am really not allow to work on it, even through it is mine. Love you all.


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Jen said...

That is really cute about Kennedy taking off her socks to go potty. She is a cutie!! When you get your scooter going, you'll have to ride on over to our place. You should get a little side-car for Kennedy:) Then you will be one little, happy scooter-ride'n family! What fun:)